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Transformer potting compound

Polyurethane Potting Adhesive GF-816


Transformer Potting Compound




1. Product introduction
GF-816 is a flame-retardant two-component polyurethane circuit board sealant. This product meets the national environmental protection requirements. It has a transparent appearance, good waterproof performance and insulation performance. This product is mainly used in the protection of circuit boards, so as to play the role of shockproof, moisture-proof and waterproof.

2. Product Features
1. The cured product is transparent, with high transparency and very good gloss;
2 . The product has automatic defoaming, automatic leveling, good surface effect, no water ripple, easy operation;
3 . The curing speed is fast, and after curing, it has excellent weather resistance and UV resistance, and maintains good performance at a temperature of (-40 ° C ~ 120 ° C).


3. Technical parameters





Before curing





light yellow transparent liquid

light yellow transparent liquid

Viscosity (CPS 25℃)

500~ 1000


Density (g/cm3)



Mixed viscosity (CPS 25℃)


mass mixing ratio

A:B= 1:(1~ 1.05)

Operating time (min 25℃)


Surface dry time (H 25℃)


Surface dry time (min 60℃)


Full curing time (H 25°C)






after curing


unit or condition

cured product


visual inspection

light yellow transparent solid

Test items



Hardness Shore-A



Water absorption (%)



Tensile strength (Mpa)






Surface insulation resistance (ohm)



Volume resistance (ohm-cm)


GB/T 1410-2006

Halogen content (PPM)



Flammability rating




4. use and safety precautions
1. Weighing and mixing: This product is a two-component modified resin, and the mixing ratio is calculated by weight. The accurate mixing ratio is very important (excessive component A will cause the cured surface to be sticky, excessive component B will cause the bottom bubbling);
2. Stirring: When stirring, please stir slowly in the same direction to avoid a lot of air bubbles. Be sure to mix components A and B evenly when stirring. Since component A is slightly turbid, there are still a lot of filaments with the naked eye when stirring, so it needs to be patiently stirred until it is completely transparent. If the mixing is uneven, it will cause stickiness and ripples on the rubber surface;
3. Blistering: The evenly stirred glue needs to be vacuumed and defoamed, or dripped with a machine; please do not use wooden sticks and other sticks with moisture to stir; 4
. Safety: Please try to prevent the skin from contacting with this product. If you accidentally touch it, please wash it with plenty of water or seek medical treatment;
5. Note: manual mixing will inevitably introduce air bubbles, and it needs to be vacuumed and degassed before dispensing. Due to the slow speed of manual dispensing, the requirements for environmental humidity are relatively high, and the relative humidity is preferably between 40 and 60. The base material should be dry, avoid using ink containing glycerin;
6. Pay attention to the preservation of unused glue after opening. The unused glue should be vacuumed or filled with dry nitrogen and sealed for storage. The reserved space in the container should not be too large to prevent the B glue from being turbid or the AB glue from absorbing moisture and causing the uncured or opaque glue block after curing. And the appearance of air bubbles in potting products.


5. Storage, transportation and precautions
1. Components A and B are put into airtight containers respectively, and stored separately in a dry and cool place away from light;
2 . Such products are not dangerous goods and can be transported as general chemicals;
3 . This product (especially component B) is easy to absorb water and deteriorate when placed in the air, so it should be kept sealed, and please seal it in time after use.


6. Packaging and shelf life
1. Packing: A: 200Kg/drum or 20Kg/drum B: 200Kg/or 20Kg/drum can be packed according to customer requirements;
2 . Shelf life: A: 6 months at room temperature B: 6 months.



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