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Lead-free solder bar


Lead-Free Series




Product features
Solder bar is made of high-purity welding materials, which has:
✰ Good solderability and wetting properties
✰ Strong oxidation resistance, less tin slag, not easy to produce bridging, missing soldering and sharpening
✰ Improve production speed And production capacity, cost reduction
The main lead-free solder alloy options: SnCu, SnAgCu, SnAgNi, etc. If you have other needs, please contact the company personnel.

Packing: Carton packing, 20kg/carton, can be produced according to customer requirements.
Uses: Suitable for wave soldering, dip soldering, tin spraying, electroplating and precision soldering of PCB boards in the electronics industry.
Lead-free solder SnCuNiCe: This patented product is designed to overcome the shortcomings of the original tin-copper solder joints, which are not bright, crystallized, rough and white, yellow during two reflow soldering, and the solder layer of the PCB board is uneven in the wave soldering process. Nickel and cerium are added to Sn and Cu, so that the crystallization is refined, no yellowing after two reflow soldering, good stability, bright solder joints, lower melting point, improved thermal fatigue resistance, and lower cost. After promotion, it has been welcomed by users of wave soldering, dip soldering and tin spraying processes.


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