Market Development and Future Forecast of China's Epoxy Resin Industry in 2023

2023-07-06 00:00

According to the "China Epoxy Resin Industry Market Research and Investment Evaluation Report (2023 Edition)" released by Limu Information Consulting, epoxy resin is a class of oligomers containing two or more epoxy groups in the molecule, which can be It can be used together with various curing agents such as amine, imidazole, acid anhydride and phenolic resin to form a three-dimensional network cured product.
According to the molecular structure, epoxy resins can be roughly divided into five categories: glycidyl ethers, glycidyl esters, glycidyl amines, linear aliphatic and alicyclic epoxy resins. Glycidyl ethers are currently the most widely used epoxy resins, among which bisphenol A epoxy resins are the main ones, accounting for about 83% of the total output.
As of 2021, the global epoxy resin production capacity is 5.371 million t/a, and the output is 3.730 million t. The production enterprises are mainly concentrated in countries and regions such as China, South Korea, Western Europe and the United States. China is the country with the largest production capacity in the world, with a total production capacity of 289.4 million t/a, accounting for about 53.8% of the global total, followed by South Korea accounting for about 13.1% of the global total. The world's major epoxy resin manufacturers include Guodu Chemical, Olin, Nanya Plastics, Jiangsu Sanmu, Changchun Chemical, Hexion (acquired by West Lake Chemical), Kumho Chemical, etc.
At present, there are more than 50 domestic epoxy resin production enterprises, among which liquid epoxy resin is mainly concentrated in Jiangsu Province, and solid epoxy resin is mainly concentrated in Huangshan District, Anhui. The production capacity in other regions is relatively scattered, but most of them are distributed correspondingly to downstream demand.
In 2022, the total consumption of epoxy resin in China will be about 2.273 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 2.4%, of which the coating field accounts for 43.6% of the total consumption, the electronic and electrical field accounts for 33.7% of the total consumption, and composite materials account for 13.8% of the total consumption. Adhesives accounted for 9.0% of total consumption.
In the next five years, my country's epoxy resin consumption will show a trend of polarization: First, the market demand of traditional industries such as infrastructure construction, automobiles, ships, and electric power will maintain a medium-to-low growth rate. Second, the demand for emerging manufacturing and consumption upgrades will become the main engines. We predict that the fields that will drive the growth of downstream demand and consumption will be concentrated in market segments such as wind power blades, copper clad laminates, beautifying agents, and new energy vehicles.

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