Development of LED Outdoor Lighting and Industrial Lighting

2023-03-08 00:00

① LED outdoor and industrial lighting have high entry barriers and low industry concentration.
In terms of market competition, it is mainly for home lighting and commercial lighting in the field of small and medium power LED lighting. There are many market participants and fierce competition in the industry. At present, leading companies such as Foshan Lighting, Opple Lighting, Sunshine Lighting, and Lidaxin have formed in the above-mentioned lighting field, and the market concentration is closer to the head.
Relatively speaking, in the field of medium and high-power LED lighting mainly for outdoor lighting and industrial lighting, the technical difficulty of products has increased, the entry threshold of the industry is relatively high, and the unit price is generally high. According to the "Operation of China's Urban Lighting Market" issued by the China Lighting Association in February 2022, "the overall industrial concentration of the street lamp industry is still low, which is similar to the pattern of the entire lighting industry." Among them, the leading enterprises are still rare, and there are no 1 billion-level enterprises emerging, 500 million-level enterprises are also countable, and the number of small and medium-sized enterprises with sales of 10 million-level is huge, accounting for the absolute majority.” With the
outdoor , The demand for industrial lighting is evolving towards complexity and customization, and the requirements for R&D, manufacturing, and service of enterprises will be further enhanced. The competitiveness of leading enterprises in the future will also be strengthened, and the increase in industrial concentration is also an inevitable result of high-quality development.
②The penetration rate of LED outdoor lighting is low, and there is a wide space for stock replacement.
According to the data of Sihan Industry Research Institute, the overall penetration rate of LED lighting in China has reached 80% in 2021; The products are still high-pressure sodium lamps, and the proportion of LED lighting is only 29.6%, which is far lower than the penetration rate of LED indoor lighting. On a global scale, the penetration rate of LED street lamps is even lower, not exceeding 15%. Therefore, LEDs have a broad market space in the incremental market in the field of outdoor lighting, and there is also a high replacement potential in the larger stock market.
According to Statista data, the global outdoor lighting market reached US$10.70 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach US$17.52 billion in 2026.
③ Lower energy consumption is an urgent need for industrial lighting, and LED lighting can save energy significantly
Due to the low energy conversion efficiency and high energy consumption of traditional industrial lighting equipment, it has been unable to meet the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction in the industrial field. Industrial enterprises have also been facing the challenge of cost control, and there is an urgent need for cost-effective lighting solutions. LED lamps can accurately realize the lighting required by the industry. Compared with traditional lighting, the light pollution can be controlled by 50%, and the energy loss can be controlled by 70%. It has a significant energy-saving effect in industrial sites that work around the clock.
According to Mordor Intelligence data, the global industrial lighting market will reach US$6.176 billion in 2020, and is expected to reach US$8.168 billion by 2026.
(4) Development trend of LED lighting
① The penetration rate of LED lighting in overseas regions is significantly lower than that of the Chinese market, and there is a higher demand for replacement.
In the past ten years, China has further increased the promotion of energy-saving lighting projects, and energy-saving lighting products represented by LED lighting It has been widely used due to technological progress, and the domestic penetration rate has increased significantly. In 2012, it was only 3.3%. As of 2021, the penetration rate has risen to 80%.
Compared with overseas regions, the penetration rate of LED lighting is relatively low, slightly later than my country's LED promotion and replacement stage, and the global penetration rate in 2019 is 46.5%. Under the background of the implementation of the concept of global energy conservation and environmental protection, the support of national industry policies and the rise of intelligent lighting, overseas regions have higher demand for replacement. As the domestic market is gradually becoming saturated, more and more Chinese LED companies have begun to set their sights on the broad market. Overseas market, tap overseas market demand.
②The replacement process of LED outdoor and industrial lighting is relatively late. In recent years, China’s export situation is good, and market development opportunities are ushered in.
A. The overall technical difficulty of outdoor and industrial lighting is higher, and the technology is applied later
. The idea has become a new direction for the development of lighting technology. Among them, household lighting, commercial lighting and other low-power products are easy to replace and adapt to the environment. Therefore, the market demand for large-scale upgrading has come earlier, and the industry has a high degree of maturity.
In comparison, outdoor and industrial lighting are mainly used in large-scale application places such as municipal roads and industrial workshops, and the power is generally high, while the overall power of household and commercial lighting is low. The thermal design of outdoor and industrial lighting is strict, and issues such as balancing weight and volume with heat dissipation, light efficiency, and stability have become technical difficulties in the industry. Generally speaking, the process of technology application and replacement is relatively late.
B. Propelled by the advancement of LED technology and the concept of international energy conservation and emission reduction, the export of LED outdoor and industrial lighting in China has grown rapidly. With the advancement of LED
technology and the concept of carbon neutrality, it has become an international consensus, and the application scenarios of LED lamps have gradually extended to outdoor, industrial lighting and other fields. , usher in market development opportunities. According to data from the China Lighting Association, in 2021, the export value of my country's LED high-power lamps (covering street lamps, industrial and mining lamps, floodlights, plant lamps and other lamps, covering outdoor and industrial lighting applications) will reach 22.561 billion U.S. dollars. Compared with 2020, it has increased by 30.32%, reflecting strong market demand.
C. Smart lighting creates more market demand.
In recent years, with the rapid development of IoT-related technologies, LED lighting products have gradually become the carrier and interface of the digital connection process thanks to the semiconductor properties of LEDs, providing more intelligence for lighting products. many possibilities. LED semiconductor characteristics and technological progress have made it possible to provide a complete lighting control solution for a wide range of areas. In addition, LEDs are compatible with control as a semiconductor device and can be dimmed to 10% of light output, while most fluorescent lamps can only reach about 100% of the light output. 30% of the brightness, the low threshold of LED intelligent dimming provides an important way for on-demand lighting, economic cost control and energy saving. On the whole, intelligent lamps and lanterns have spawned more market demand for LED lighting.
D. The field of special lighting represented by plant lighting, sports lighting, explosion-proof lighting, etc. brings emerging market space
LED is a cold light source with low heat generation, which can be irradiated at close range, and the light intensity spectrum is adjustable. It is an ideal light source for modern facility agricultural plant illumination, and has a good application prospect. Plant lighting uses artificial light sources and intelligent control equipment to artificially create a suitable light environment or make up for the lack of natural light, and actively regulate and optimize the growth and development of plants. According to Frost & Sullivan data, the global LED plant lighting market size in 2019 was as high as 1.22 billion US dollars, and it is expected that the market size will reach 5.7 billion US dollars by 2024, growing rapidly.
All regions and countries around the world are paying more attention to the sports industry, sports infrastructure construction projects are constantly being carried out, sports venues, sports events and sports population are increasing year by year, and sports lighting will also usher in rapid development.
In addition, with the continuous advancement of industrialization and the emphasis on safety technology systems in downstream fields such as petroleum, chemical, natural gas, and coal, the rigid demand for explosion-proof lighting has been continuously released; data from the Huajing Industry Research Institute shows that the global market size of explosion-proof electrical appliances in 2019 is 50%. billion US dollars, and is expected to reach 8 billion US dollars by 2025, bringing incremental market space to the lighting industry.

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