What are the aspects of solder wire application

2016-12-29 11:27

Solder wire is widely used in electronics industry, home appliance manufacturing industry, automobile manufacturing industry, maintenance industry and daily life. Solder is an important industrial raw material for connecting electronic components in welding lines. It is a solder with a low melting point. Gold solder is indispensable in production and maintenance. Generally speaking, the wire solder used in soldering work is called rosin cored solder wire or solder wire. Flux is added to the solder. This flux is composed of rosin and a small amount of activator. Baoda tin industry Sn99.3Cu0.7 environmental protection tin wire, using high-purity Yunnan raw ore tin as raw material, good welding, less impurities, using hydrogenation flux, uniform distribution, very little welding smoke. It is the best choice for many electronic products!

Shenzhen Baoda Tin Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of electronic solder materials. We specialize in the production of lead-free solder wire, lead-free solder bars, lead-free solder wires, lead-free solder bars, and lead-free solder balls. We have been engaged in soldering for more than ten years and have a good reputation. Welcome to Baoda Tin Industry official website for consultation and ordering!

The company mainly produces and operates solder paste, solder bars, solder wire, anode plates (rods), anode balls and other related electronic welding materials.

The company mainly produces and operates polyurethane potting adhesives, sealants, and structural adhesives.

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Add:The company mainly produces and operates polyurethane potting adhesives, sealants, and structural adhesives.

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