Precautions for lead-free tin bars in the soldering process

2016-12-14 11:24

The main problems in the production process are as follows:
1. Incompleteness of lead-free solder. The reason for the above problems is not only that the flux is too hot, but also by the material properties of different welding products, so to find out the root cause, we must not only consider our products, but also consider whether there is interference from external factors ;
2. The surface of the product is uneven when soldering lead-free tin bars. Mainly due to the following reasons: 1. Environmental pollution of the welding surface, unclean surface before welding will cause unevenness of the welding surface; 2. Lead-free solder welding time and oxidation comparison verification will lead to uneven soldering; 3
. Solder joints are produced when lead-free solder bar is soldered. The main reason is that the use of flux is incorrect. In order to solve this problem, we must keep a dry welding environment during the welding time, and the preheating temperature meets the actual needs, so that the appearance of solder joints can be greatly reduced. ;

4. When the lead-free tin bar appears, there will be a phenomenon that many people have never heard of, such as soldering and soldering. As long as the flux problem is caused by insufficient flux activity, it does not play the actual role of the flux.

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