Flux composition introduction

2019-02-15 00:00

In recent decades, in the soldering process of electronic products, rosin resin fluxes mainly composed of rosin, resins, halide-containing active agents, additives and organic solvents are generally used. Although such fluxes can be soldered Good performance, low cost, but high residue after welding. The residue contains halogen ions, which will gradually cause problems such as electrical insulation performance decline and short circuit. To solve this problem, the rosin resin on the electronic printed board must be used to help Flux residues are cleaned. This will not only increase production costs, but the cleaning agent for cleaning rosin resin-based flux residues is mainly fluorochlorine compounds. This compound is a depleting substance for the atmospheric ozone layer, which is banned and eliminated. There are still The process used by many companies belongs to the aforementioned process of using rosin tree finger-based flux solder and then cleaning it with a cleaning agent. The efficiency is low and the cost is high. The main raw materials of no-clean flux are organic solvents, rosin resin
and its derivatives, Synthetic resin surfactants, organic acid activators, anti-corrosion agents, co-solvents, film-forming agents. Simply put, various solid components are dissolved in various liquids to form a uniform and transparent mixed solution, and the proportions of various components are different. Not the same, the role is different.
Organic solvents: one or more mixtures of ketones, alcohols, esters, commonly used are ethanol, propanol, butanol; acetone, toluene isobutyl ketone; ethyl acetate, Butyl acetate, etc. As a liquid component, its main function is to dissolve the solid components in the flux to form a uniform solution, which is convenient for evenly coating the appropriate amount of flux components on the components to be welded, and it can also clean light dirt and oil stains on metal surfaces.
Natural resins and their derivatives or synthetic resin
surfactants: halogen-containing surfactants have strong activity and high soldering ability, but it is difficult to clean due to halogen ions, high ion residues, and halogen elements ( Mainly chloride) is highly corrosive, so it is not suitable as a raw material for no-clean flux. Halogen-free surfactants have slightly weaker activity, but less ion residue. Surfactants are mainly fatty acid or aromatic It is a non-ionic surfactant whose main function is to reduce the surface tension generated when the solder and the lead pin metal are in contact, enhance the surface wetting force, enhance the penetration of the organic acid activator, and also act as a foaming agent. effect
Organic acid activator: composed of one or more of organic dibasic acids or aromatic acids, such as succinic acid, glutaric acid, itaconic acid, o-hydroxybenzoic acid, sebacic acid, pimelic acid, apple Acid, succinic acid, etc. Its main function is to remove the oxides on the lead pins and the oxides on the surface of the molten solder. It is one of the key components of the flux. Anti-corrosion agent: reduce the residue of
solid components such as resins and activators after pyrolysis Substance
cosolvent: prevent the tendency of solid components such as activators to dissolve from the solution, and avoid the non-uniform distribution of activators
. The film, the residue after pyrolysis can be quickly solidified, hardened and reduced viscosity due to the presence of film-forming agent.

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