Application of flux paste in industrial field

2020-08-06 00:00

Soldering paste is a paste made of uniform solder alloy powder and stable flux mixed in a certain proportion. Alloy joints can be formed during welding. This material is very suitable for reliable soldering in automatic production of surface mount, and is a high-tech product of the modern electronics industry.
As an electronic material, solder paste is both a new and an old material. With the development of high performance, miniaturization, and multi-purpose in computers, communication equipment, and household appliances, the previous manual soldering and later wave soldering cannot meet the needs of this development, so it has developed to the current SMT, soldering Ointment came into being at this time. From the perspective of current application fields, solder paste is mainly divided into two types: spot welding and printing.
Due to the strong plasticity of the solder paste, it can be welded to many parts of the workpiece that cannot be soldered by solid solder. The application of the solder paste is very wide. There are examples of the application of the solder paste from extremely simple applications to very complex processes. Solder paste is well suited for the soldering of metal parts in purely mechanical components such as heat pipes, fishhooks and sealing joints in fluid control equipment. In the field of electromechanical, solder paste is used in the welding of line and cable components, cable connection strengtheners, etc. Applications of solder paste in the electrical industry include the manufacture of printed circuit boards and components for just about any electronic product you can think of – from toys to digital watches, calculators, cell phones to supercomputers.
Composition and characteristics of solder paste Solder paste itself is a very complex substance, consisting of flux paste and alloy powder. Solder paste is defined as a high-density suspension with a volume ratio of solid (metal particles) to liquid (flux paste) of 50% to 50%, which can be considered a homogeneous mixture. From the perspective of rheology, the state of the solder paste is that the dense alloy powder is dispersed in the non-Newtonian fluid solder paste carrier.
Alloy solder powder is the main component of solder paste and is also the residue after soldering. It plays an important role in the reflow soldering process, solder joint height and reliability. The composition, particle shape and size of alloy solder powder are important factors affecting the characteristics of solder paste, which need to be reasonably selected according to the actual needs of the welding object and the specific welding process. Flux is a key material for cleaning soldering surfaces, improving wettability, preventing solder oxidation and ensuring solder joint reliability.

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